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Dondee Quincena is an up and coming Fashion and Beauty photographer based in Southern California. His skill with creative lighting is evident in his work, where he is equally comfortable shooting in the studio and out on location. He draws inspiration from his diverse background which serves to fuel his creative process. Even more impressive is the fact that Dondee is color blind, though you would never guess by looking at his work. Dondee views photography as a medium that holds no boundaries, and feels, “It is an art that you can express your way and style, make your own rules however you want whenever you want.”

For the past 2 years he has apprenticed under Sean Armenta, and has since built up an impressive client list of his own. Dondee has shot for corporations such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and LG, and works with charitable organizations such as Freedom and Fashion which helps to raise awareness against human trafficking. His work has also been published in Laguna Beach Magazine and Quatro Magazine. He has a tremendous work ethic, matched only by his boundless energy.

You can view Dondee’s portfolio at and find him on FaceBook, Twitter¬†and Google+






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