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PREP TO POST // Lighting Modifier Series // The Beauty Dish

PREP TO POST Workshops presents a series of highly-focused classes that explore the options of the most common lighting modifiers in use today, starting with the ever so popular 22″ Beauty Dish.

This class will help you master the ins and outs of the basic Beauty Dish, from lighting beauty images to full-length fashion shots. You will be amazed at just how versatile this single modifier can be once you learn to overcome its limitations and unlock its potential.

Sean Armenta will guide you through exhausting all possible situations and outcomes using the Beauty Dish as the key light source. He will show you how to experiment with it as the sole light source as well as how to use other modifications and modifiers in conjunction to achieve the look you need. Fashion and beauty photographers, commercial photographers, strobists, portrait photographers and wedding photographers will all be able to benefit greatly from this class as Sean will demonstrate the use of the Beauty Dish with not only indoor studio strobes but portable lighting solutions as well.

Sean’s popular “One Light Beauty Tutorial” video for FStoppers shows you just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible when lighting with a Beauty Dish. Learn what has made this modifier his personal favorite for so many years.


PREP TO POST Lighting Modifier Series: The Beauty Dish

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Hosted by
211 E. Columbine Ave.
Unit D
Santa Ana, CA 92707

The cost for this workshop is $250.


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  • Robert Gordon

    Really wish you offered this as a video online too, would love to be there!

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